Broker vs. Bank in California



What can I say about Jon? A friend Carol gave Jon my number.
I had tried refinancing my mortgage because I had a high interest rate with Wells Fargo Financial now Wells Fargo Home.
I had a terrible experience with Wells Fargo and had given up.
Jon was amazing, he promised he could help me refinance my home with another Mortgage bank and I told him no because I had tried in the past and I ran in road blocks wasted money on appraisal because we could not get all the documents needed from Wells Fargo Financial/Home.
Jon was confident he could do it and offered to pay for the appraisal and work with Wells Fargo to get all the necessary documents because they were giving us the run around.
He was patient determined to make it happen. Jon was a God sent to prayer for me.

Great customer service never gave up even when I did... If you need to get the job done in a timely and professional way I will recommend Jon Rozansky.

Like everyone said Jon is the best.. Thank you so much.
~Kehinde C.

I had the experience of working with Jon Rozansky during a VERY complicated Real Estate Deal. After attempting to close with one lender, which had a unsuccessful result, my client's attorney recommended Jon. I was a bit hesitant, because we were already coming to the end of our contingency period. This property also had a discrepancy with the sq. footage, so it was going to be a real challenge to appraise. Jon found a bank that would appraise the property based on MEASURED sq. footage instead of what showed up on the property profile.

He was AMAZING with his follow up and assured me all along it would work out. He really came through! The appraisal finally came in at value and Jon made sure the rest of the escrow went smoothly. He gave me daily updates, which means everything in this business! I will recommend Jon with confidence to all of my clients in the future! THANK YOU JON! You're the best!
~Paloma F.

My wife and I were introduced to Jon Rozansky after working with two other lenders that couldn't produce what we needed. We found Jon to be knowledgeable and understanding of exactly what kind of loan we were looking an he actually found us a better opportunity. He worked hard on our loan for over 4 months staying in contact with us everyday and even on weekends. He goes above and beyond what you would expect a person to do. I would definitely recommend him to everyone looking for a professional and personal lender.
~David M.